marcella carvalho

Sewing The Roses

Sewing The Roses
Marcela Carvalho

I started this project in December 2008. It portraits the women that have been under manipulation, control
by their partners and in the name of love” have been so confused to what Love means that they have lost
their voice, their creativity, their passion for life. Sewing the roses is a homage to those women that chose
freedom from that kind of “love”
Mediums: For this body of work the mediums I used are oil paint, acrylic, oil pastel,
jewelry found on streets and silk roses. I use body movement and music when starting
a painting. I do not plan what to paint, all my inspiration comes from channeling
feelings and emotions related to the subject. Music, Body and Mind has to be in har-
mony for me to give birth to my art.
My subject: I have been working with domestic violence victims as a volunteer as I
became one of them. It was helpful to me to put on their shoes and really know the
mistakes women make and the controversy society teach about marriage and love…