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Behind The Canvas

Artist Statement

My work expresses the essence of my emotions, feelings and state of mind; translated onto abstract or figurative forms. I see art as a way to align with the soul. Every individual should have access to the depths of their soul through artistic expression.

Central Park Series

This was my first encounter painting trees. It was during the fall month that these works were created. These trees are all along Central Park East on the Bridle Path Loop.

During my exercises in the park, trees would jump up to my sight as I passed by them. This tree connection was very new to me. I felt as if they had something to say to me. After a while, I had to pay homage to them by painting and naming each of them.

They are distinctively located by their title description here. You can visit them starting on East 90th Street using a counterclockwise loop. The red color represents the Fall and its lively spirit.

Birch Series

After visiting the Hans Hartung Foundation in Mougins, France in August, 2011, I was fascinated by Hartung’s work and the tools in which he used to express his paintings. He had a unique way to capture nature. The brushes he created from branches to paint with were unlike anything else I’ve seen.

There was one special moment in his studio when seeing a specific painting I burst into tears and couldn’t control myself.  Bernard, his assistant for decades, was taken away on a phone call, that gave me time to control myself emotionally. I had never experienced such emotions ever in my life. Not even from beautiful classical compositions which I love and cherish. That day I was transformed, with a new set of eyes, courage, instincts to continue to master my work. I returned to my studio in NYC and created 37 works in a month, using my own home made brushes inspired by Hartung –The Birch Series was born

The Muses Series

Muses: The muses were born from my passion to advocate and empower female. One morning I received a phone call from my best friend in Brazil, who was upset that her husband was drinking again and she was scared of him. I felt for her suffering and wanted to create women showing their simple beauty and assertiveness. I started by placing paper on the wall and started to draw. Initially, I didn’t know what I was drawing/painting, I was just following my own instincts.  Finally, I had a revelation, these 9 females were Muses, each showing assertiveness and a sense of beauty and independence —— the Muses Series was born.

Sewing the Roses

In 2009, with the support of Sanctuary for, Northern Manhattan Improvement Corp, and The Harlem Arts Alliance. She created a series called Sewing the Roses. The series portrays abused women from different backgrounds and cultures who chose freedom from manipulation over a life of abuse. This became the basis for beginning her SEWING THE ROSES FOUNDATION, and the majority of her philanthropic work.   Marcela gives a % of proceeds from this series to fund workshops for “at risk women”

Portraits Series

Have you noticed how sometimes we see people on the streets, airports, buses, markets that resemble someone we know? I don’t literally paint that face, but the emotion it produces in me. This series represents my experiences of seeing and being with people in my everyday life. Through colors and shapes I have attempted to convey an impression of each individual, sometimes I use myself as a model,  how they make me feel, and how I can creatively give them life —The Portrait Series.