Monet’s Garden!

The project I’m assigned to do is very ambitious. It is called Monet’s Garden! I’m introducing impressionist art to the 526 students @PS221Q Grades K – 5 by making two projects; one on paper and the other on a bottle. The project started in March and ends in June with an exhibition on Impressionist Art. More pics to come.

The key points of my teachings are:
One can never make a mistake in art. You can change your direction by creating something different.
Art gives you the courage to take risks and trust in yourself.
Art is the communication from yourself to the outside world.

I’ve been doing a 50 minutes visual art show to 26 little people 5 x a day. Teaching the young souls to trust themselves in the making of their art. The results have been amazing as you can see from the pictures uploaded on basecamp. I’m very proud of my work and the seeds I’ve been planting.